About Web Duck

I am Michel Van der Meiren, a veteran Web developer with over 20 years of experience building cutting edge websites and web applications. In my spare time, I'm also an active musician.

First Steps

I started building websites in IBM Notes/Domino, then called Lotus Notes/Domino. I maintained a then internationally liked technical blog covering web development on this platform. After its decline, I had to look for other solutions, both in my day job as for my personal use. So I started as a UX designer for other platforms as LifeRay (Java) and MS Sharepoint (dot net). For personal use, I started learning PHP and WordPress.

Current Activities

I am still working, mostly as a front end web developer, perpetually refining my skills in HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript. For my day job, I have to work with jQuery, a tool I know very well by now. Enough to build my own JavaScript tool with jQuery like syntax, but slimmer and thus a lot faster. More on this in the posts to come.

My hobby horse is performance. With the website obesity crisis in mind, I am even more keen on working out web solutions that render super fast. I'm talking milliseconds rather than seconds here... I will be very happy to share my thoughts and methods in the blog posts to come.